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  • What makes us different?We are able to customize solutions to meet almost all the requirements and needs of our customers to an exceptional standard.
  • How do we provide solutions for our customers?We initiate through doing the root cause analysis of the water problem. Then design and provide various solutions to our customers and adopt with the consent of our customer with respect to the technical aspects.
  • Customers FirstWe put customers first. We listen to their needs and make responsible decisions. We foster long-term relationships built on communication and trust. We honour our commitments and continually search for new ways to add value.

Who are we?

UltraTec® is one of the leading company providing water treatment solutions. Our aim is to provide cost effective water solutions to our customers. As a popular Water Treatment Company having decades of excellent products and services with vast experience in Water Treatment Industry.

We feel immense pleasure in informing you that we have more than 5000 satisfied customers and been successfully providing our best quality products and services to the distinguished organizations located all over the world. Besides, provision of best quality products and services to high profile corporate sector, organizations, Military institutions, Oil & Gas Industry, Educational institutions, Food & Beverages, Processing & Manufacturing industry, Marine industry , Health care, Airlines , Agriculture industry , Hotels and Restaurants etc.



Why Choose Our Service Our water solutions are environmentally friendly, consume less energy and are compact for both onshore and offshore application. Our reliable RO systems are ideally suited for the demands of Oil & Gas exploration and the drilling industry. Advanced UltraTec® is one of the few specialized companies who manufacture and supply Safe Zone Systems.

Innovative, efficient and durable water solutions for the maritime industry. UltraTec® systems can be installed directly on board vessels, including barges and offshore supply vessels. We also supply land based onshore brackish and seawater desalination systems to provide a constant supply of fresh water in remote inland or coastal locations. Our systems are also used for commercial purposes, including livestock vessels, deep sea fishing boats and various other marine applications such as recreational vessels.

Agriculture often faces uncertainties of changing climate and drought, Advanced Ultra Tec® is able to provide reliable water solutions to ensure consistent fresh water availability. At UltraTec Water Treatment, we know experience matters. That’s why customers trust us — we have more than 60 years of experience in the Water and.

We supply deployable, robust water systems for rapid installation and easy The systems require less maintenance and minimum intervention during emergencies, aid relief operations, military operations and construction of accommodation.

Integrated water technology and conceptualization of water treatment systems for Food & Beverage manufacturing and processing.

Management Our sewage treatment delivers solutions for hotels, beach resorts, labour camps, water parks, swimming pools, water playgrounds, wellness centres, clubs and fish farming.

Our History

From a small village of “Chakkar kot” on Hangu road, Kohat city, KPK, Pakistan. A young engineer established a Water Treatment company to combat water borne diseases in the area.

1999 – 2005

In 1999 he established his first office of water treatment in the city of Kohat on a very small scale. He started the awarness compaign against waterborne diseases by using local mosques, schools and colleges to help his community on the local level.

2005 – 2010

It was not an easy journey to begin with. People use to laugh and crack jokes on his self proclaimed strive against waterborne diseases in the area, some of them advised him to pursuit his engineering career instead of becoming a philanthropist. Those who used to laugh and advise now have become and admirer.

2010 – Now

After 20 long and patient years UltraTec have become leader in the field of water treatment and turned in to a highly reputable comapny offering water treatment solutions through innovation in 18 countries, 3 continents around the globe and takes pride to have a list of more than 5000 satisfied industrial, commercial and domestic customers.

2020 – 2030

Ultratec is eager to expand it self on the global level by 2030 to become an international partner with our customers to contribute towards environment to make our world a better place to live for the future generations to come.

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Our passion is to improve quality of life and be recognized locally and internationally by our valued clients, shareholders, colleagues and partners, as one of the best Water Treatment Company in the world today.

We can be your great business partner and help you growth strongly.