Copper Silver Ionization

The most common type of disinfection method commonly found in UAE is by Chlorine Dosing
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Copper Silver Ionization Water Treatment Solution

The use of automatic controllers which doses chlorine based on the probe reading with the dosing pump and tank. Aside from chemical dosing, there are other technologies available for disinfection such as UV & Copper Silver Ionization Systems.

Copper-silver ionization is a non-chemical water treatment process that specifically targets legionella populated water systems. This treatment has been approved by the WHO for clinical disinfection. Unlike UV, copper-silver ionization has residual effects therefore even after the water has passed through the point of disinfection, the effectivity of the disinfection remains due to the ions retained in the water.


    UltraTec® copper-silver ionization (CSI) is the most effective technology for the systemic eradication of Legionella in potable water systems. In field evaluations, CSI has yielded superior results in a wide range of water conditions and temperatures, and is backed by over 100 independent research studies.

    CSI introduces copper and silver ions to travel throughout the plumbing infrastructure and attack Legionella circlulating downstream. Unlike chemical treatments, it does not require consumables that are unsafe for handling, and causes no damage to the plumbing environment. The ions introduced into the water supply are also safe for human consumption.


    industrial ro water filter plant system  in UAE

    Safe and non-toxic

    No hazardous handling concerns, and will not harm your pipes or environment

    Low consumable cost

    No expensive and hazardous chemicals to store or handle

    Turnkey maintenance services

    Based on unique facility needs and requirements


The ions produced by the LiquiTech ionization process are cationic, surface-active, and a potent biocide. The treatment action is attributable to the positively charged copper and silver ions forming electrostatic bonds with negatively charged sites on microorganism cell walls.

These electrostatic bonds create stresses that lead to distorted cell wall permeability, disrupting the intake of life-sustaining nutrients, and ultimately leading to cell lysis. Bacteria are killed, rather than merely suppressed as is the case with alternative Legionella treatment methods. The accurate dose-rate control system maintains precise ion levels, providing residual protection and prevention of recontamination.


Water passes through the flow cell chamber


A direct current is applied across the electrodes, creating positively charged copper silver ions


The ions seek out bacteria throughout the plumbing system, providing ongoing disinfection


The Most Effective Technology

Proven to be effective regardless of water temperature, and can take less than 48 hours to eradicate Legionella. With CSI, pathogens are killed rather than suppressed like with most chemical solutions.

Validated Eradication

NSF standard 61 certified, ETL/UL and CE approved

EPA-registered solution for killing Legionella in drinking water with both the federal and state EPA in all 50 states

Remote Engineering Management Systems (REMS)

Supervisory control with real-time system diagnostics and alarm notification


The flow cells, which house the copper silver electrodes, are manufactured using high temperature, high-pressure and schedule

Electrode spacers are fabricated fromDuPont PBT polyester resin. For ease of installation, periodic cleaning and inspection,the flow cells are supplied with LiquiTech quick-connect stainless steel clamps.

Flow cells are available in various sizes and configurations depending upon the application.

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