Ultrafiltration System

Ultrafiltration system that provides water free of suspended particles, smells, tastes and bacteria.
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Ultrafiltration UF Membrane Water Filter System

Water quality concerns are becoming more of a focus for the public. This MineralPRO water treatment system has been designed and tested to provide you with high quality water for years to come. The following is a brief overview of the system.

These system incorporates highly reliable safety devices such as water Stop leak detector: accurate and proven leak detection system that cuts the water supply system with even small leaks. Easy adsorbent sponge change without need to cut the inlet water supply.

  • Antibacterial cartridge with nanoSilver technology.
  • System without water rejection, no need of drain connection.
  • Equipped with innovative antibacterial in-line cartridges which facilitate and minimize installation and maintenance.

The Process of Reverse Osmosis

Osmosis is a natural process. When two liquids with differing concentrations of a solute are separated by a semi-permeable membrane, the liquid tends to move from low to high solute concentrations to reach equilibrium.

Reverse osmosis is a process whereby a solvent of high solute concentration is forced through a semi-permeable membrane to an area of low solute concentration by applying pressure. The feed water pressure must exceed the osmotic pressure in order for the process to work. Thus, low pressure systems work with more dilute solutions, but highly concentrated solutions (such as sea water desalination) require greater pressures to work. The fact of the matter is that reverse osmosis is the most economical technology to purify water to extremely high quality standards.


NANOSILVER Technology: This technology, certified by WQA, eliminates the 99.9% of bacteria

No water rejection: No need of drain connection

Easy installation and maintenance: Equipped with UF cartridges that facilitates and minimizers installation.

Safety System: Includes leak detector system WATER STOP and a pressure regulator.

Antibacterial tubing: prevents the proliferation of bacteria. Certified by WQA.

Certified by: Dubai Chambers of Commerce certificate of conformity

4 - 7 Stages: Antibacterial sediments, carbon block, ultrafiltration membrane and NANOSILVER antibacterial carbon block post-filter.

Qc3 bayonet cartridges for easy installation and maintenance.

100% coconut shell active carbon.

No storage tank.

Includes New look faucet, Installation Kit, Pressure regulator 3/8 “

average pore size of 0.01 - 0.1 µm, Maximum working pressure: 4 Bar, recommended pressure: 2.5 bar, inlet temperature: 4 - 40º c

3/8” WATER STOP leak detector: accurate and proven leak detection system that cuts the water supply system with even small leaks. Low cost of installation and doesn´t requires electrical supply.

What does this filter not remove?

Dissolved minerals (so if you have brackish water, this will not improve the taste as the unpleasant taste is caused by dissolved salts) Dissolved minerals can only be removed through a more expensive and complicated reverse-osmosis process.

Hardness (so if you have hard water, this filter will not reduce the hardness) Hardness can only be removed by reverse osmosis (although vastly reduces the lifespan of the reverse osmosis membrane) or by using a softening resin cartridge.

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