Industrial Deionized Water Treatment

Deionization is a water treatment process that targets mineral salt contaminants.
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Industrial Deionized Water Treatment

Deionization tanks produce varying levels of purification depending on the resin and the exact type of deionization process, so it’s important to choose the appropriate solution for each use case.

Deionization is a water treatment process that targets mineral salt contaminants. Specifically, the purification process removes cations, such as calcium, copper, iron, sodium ions, and anions such as bromide and chloride. Deionization systems use tanks full of ion exchange resins to purify potentially contaminated water. The resins bind with any mineral salts in the liquid to separate them from water, so only clean water leaves the tank.

Uses of Deionized Water Treatment :


    There are three primary grades of purified water generated through deionization methods: demineralized (deionized) water, high-purity water, and lab-grade and medical-grade water. Many industrial processes require purified water, such as:

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    Cooling process machinery

    Cosmetics manufacturing

    Pharmaceutical manufacturing

    Processed foods manufacturing

    Rinsing functions in car washes

    Laboratory testing and research

    Power plants

Deionized or Demineralized Water

This broad category of water encompasses all water that deionization processes have treated. Demineralized water has had its mineral ions stripped away. These ions usually come from mineral salts, and unpurified water is commonly called hard water.

However, minerals are only one potential type of contamination. Deionized water hasn’t been treated for organic compounds or inorganic compounds aside from mineral salts. It’s used in applications that require soft water solvents rather than fully purified water. Basic deionized water shouldn’t maintain long-term contact with metal equipment.

Typical applications for deionized water include:

Analytical blanks


Chemistry tests with ionic compounds

Filling batteries

Finding calibration standards

Preparing solvents

Glass cleaning

High-Purity Water

This category of water is more pure than deionized water alone. It must meet rigorous purity and quality standards, so it goes through a more thorough treatment process that removes both inorganic and organic compounds, including all solid, fluid, reactive, and inert compounds. High-purity water goes through a robust three stage process to reach its final state: pretreatment, primary purification, and polishing.

Lab-Grade and Medical-Grade Water

Lab-grade and medical-grade waters are a subcategory of high-purity water. They undergo the same purification processes, but are also held against sets of industry-specific standards. Those standards are set forth by different organizations, including the US Pharmacopeia and the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI).

Deionized Water Tank Exchange Service

Reynolds Culligan strives to provide the convenience and support necessary to maintain a continuous supply of purified water. Our Portable Exchange Deionization service includes regular tank exchanges when the resin needs to be replaced. Our service team will replace the tank whenever needed and restore the used tank at a nearby service center.

Through this service, our customers don’t have to worry about maintenance, specialized plumbing systems, or unexpected resin replacement costs. Instead, they simply benefit from access to deionized water while they focus on their core competencies.

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However, not every application needs water with the same level of purification. Car washes, for example, simply need water that’s clean enough not to leave streaks. Pharmaceutical labs, on the other hand, need water with every trace of mineral salts, contaminants, and organic material removed.

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