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Water Maker for Marine Industry By UltraTec Water Treatment

UltraTec is one of the leading companies providing solutions in the field of sea water desalination(water makers). We design , fabricated commission sea water desalination plants (WaterMakers) as per need and given specification of our valued customers.

Tailored made and customized designing is hallmark of UltraTec . Our design engineers are specially trained to design less expensive , cost effective ,highly efficient , easy to maintain WaterMakers according to the need and given specification by our valued customers.

  • Fabrication is like converting dream into reality, more of an art rather science.
  • The fabrication team of UltraTec comprised of highly educated
  • Experienced engineers and skilled technicians converting design into WaterMakers with an absolute precision.
  • Best available engineering products and years of perfection.

The Process of Reverse Osmosis Water Makers

The new UltraTec WaterMakers produce up to 60% more fresh water and consume up to 35% less of energy consumption than others, based on the same size!

Fabrication is like converting dream into reality, more of an art rather science . The fabrication team of Ultra Tec comprised of highly educated and experienced engineers and skilled technicians converting design into WaterMakers with an absolute precision , best available engineering products and years of perfection.



UltraTec in its achieving highest level of its customer satisfaction, indulged itself into maintenance, overhauling and annual maintenance business just to strengthen its relation with its valued customers where monitory gains are bi-product.

UltraTec is eager to maintain , overhaul and get into annual maintenance contract for any make or brand water maker with the help of its experienced engineers and skilled technicians .

UltraTec Water Treatment is serving the marine industry specially in the gulf region for a long time already.

Our dedicated team of engineers and technician have a vast experience of commissioning sea water desalination plants (WaterMakers) on the vessels and offshore rigs.

ALL OR ANY SERVICES : We provide membrane solutions for any type of water, however, the reverse osmosis system is only part of the solution. UltraTec Water offer the complete solution to all of your water problems, including:

UltraTec is providing a range of services to our valued customers specially related to commissioning, maintenance, over hauling and AMC all together and it can be breakdown into any or all services at a time.

It can become a commission only or maintenance only service as well.

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